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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math: student projects at the Allegheny Observatory span all of these. 

Two students at North Allegheny School District, Isha Vyawahare and Ellie Tang imagined how star gazing would help astronauts on Mars thrive by connecting them with Earth. They won second place in the Mars New Year STEAM competition with their video.

stronauts on Mars with telescope

Gazing our Way Home by Ellie Tang and Isha Vyawahare: Two sisters stargazing from Mars remember their past lives as they view their old home.


colorful nebual

Supernovae remnant NGC 6992 taken with the Keeler 24" telescope in H-alpha and OIII filters. 
Image by Erin Stumbaugh, Peri Schindelheim and Ed Potosky, University of Pittsburgh